Library Use Policy

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This policy applies to all people who visit and / or use the facilities of the University of Newcastle Library.

The Library's Clients
Reading Rooms and Working Places
Photocopying, Printing and Recording
Infringements and Penalties
Scholarly Information Resources and Access Policy 000317
Staff use of University Libraries Policy 000340

The Library's Clients

1.        The facilities and services of the University Library are available to all members of the University Community, its partners, reciprocates, and others as approved by the Vice-Chancellor.

2.        Services which are proscribed by licence agreements, or other contractual or legislative requirements, are available only to those clients of the University Community specified by the providers of those services, or by the relevant legislation.

3.        Staff and students of other institutions may borrow from the University of Newcastle Library, according to the terms and conditions established in the various mutually-agreed State and National borrowing agreements.

4.        Admission to the use of the Library is conditional on observance of these General Conditions.


5.        Library materials may be borrowed under the conditions determined from time to time by the University Librarian.

6.        Certain classes of materials, such as reference books, theses and books and serials on display as recent acquisitions, are not available for loan and must not be removed from the Library.

7.        Materials must not be removed from the Library unless loan records are completed for them.

8.        Clients are responsible for any materials for which there are loan records in their name. This responsibility ends only when the loan record is officially cancelled.

9.        Clients may not borrow in anyone's name, nor use anyone's ID card, but their own.

10.      No client may transfer a loan to another client. The client in whose name the loan record is held shall be regarded as the borrower and shall be responsible for the return of the loan, undamaged.

11.      Any item on loan to a client shall be returned on or before the due date, but may be recalled at any time.

12.      The University Librarian shall have discretionary power to lend, or to refuse to lend any item at any time.

13.      Lending and renewing of all items at the Loans desks or via self-service units shall cease fifteen minutes before the closing time of the Library. Automated phone or web renewals may be made at any time such services are operational. Processing of loan returns will also cease fifteen minutes before library closure.

14.      Clients leaving the Library must produce any library item in their possession, for inspection by a member of the Library staff if called upon to do so.

15.      Disciplinary action may ensue if loans are not recorded prior to a client leaving, or attempting to leave the Library.

Reading Rooms and Working Places

16.      No client may reserve any place in the Library. If a place is vacated without being cleared of books it may be occupied by another client.

17.      Some reading rooms and working places are reserved for certain groups of clients (e.g postgraduate students) or certain kinds of work only (e.g. video viewing).


18.      Clients may not restrict access or use of the Library by others by leaving personal belongings on Library furniture or in the aisles, or by sitting in the aisles.

19.      Loud conversation or other disturbance is forbidden in all public working areas in the Library.

20.      Mobile phones must be turned off when clients are in the Library.

21.      Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Library, including verandahs and the roof garden.

22.      The consumption of food and drink, other than bottled water, is not permitted within the Library.

23.      Children must be within the immediate supervision of an adult at all times.

24.      Clients must not change the arrangement of any Library furniture or equipment.

25.      Clients who mark or mutilate library materials will be subject to disciplinary action.

26.      Clients must leave the Library immediately when requested to do so by staff.

Photocopying, Printing and Recording

27.      A person shall not use copying, printing or recording machines in any manner that infringes the Copyright Act, 1968 (as amended), including the Digital Agenda Copyright Amendment, 2001. Notices indicating permissible actions are located with the relevant copying facilities. Clients must comply with these legal requirements.

Infringements and Penalties

28.      A scale of fines will operate for items which are retained beyond the due date/ time. The scale shall be reviewed periodically, and is subject to the approval of the Vice-chancellor.

29.      Clients may be required to make good the cost of any damage to, or loss of, items on loan to them or being used by them in the Library, or of any damage to other library property. If an item so lost was part of a set, the client may be required to pay the cost of a new set if this the only way to replace the lost part. When an item on loan to a client is lost it will be re-ordered and the client will be required to pay the cost of the book, together with handling charges, even if the copy belonging to the Library is subsequently found.

30.      A client who breaches any of these conditions may be excluded from the Library for a period up to twenty-four hours by the University Librarian or for a longer period by the Vice-chancellor.

Approval AuthorityVice-Chancellor
Policy SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
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Amendment History

Policy Sponsor modified from Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and Global Relations) to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to reflect structural changes from 1 January 2013, The Secretariat, 16 August 2013.