Visiting Appointment Guideline

Document Number000378
Date Approved28 November 2005
Date Last Amended9 June 2011

1.      Context

1.1.     This guideline supports the process of appointment of Visiting Academics to the University of Newcastle.  It should be read in conjunction with the Honorary Appointments Policy - 000408.

1.2.     The titles to be employed are:

  • Visiting Fellow
  • Visiting Lecturer
  • Visiting Senior Lecturer
  • Visiting Associate Professor
  • Visiting Professor

2.      Length of Appointment

2.1.     Visiting appointments are for fixed terms to be agreed upon prior to appointment.

3.      Honoraria

3.1.     Visitors from another institution may be offered assistance with travel and some accommodation expenses. There is no entitlement to salary nor generally to the financial resources of the University.

However, under special circumstances, an honorarium may be offered to a Visitor. The honorarium should be specified in documentation nominating the person for a visiting appointment.

4.      Access to University Privileges

4.1.     The host organisational unit will normally decide on the specific allocation of its own resources.

As a guide, it is usual to offer visitors the use of the following University facilities:

  • access to the Library
  • access to computers
  • office/laboratory space.

For purposes of courtesy and on ceremonial occasions, Visiting Professors are regarded as Professors of the University. They are not, by virtue of office, members of any Faculty or other organisational unit.

5.      Recommendation

5.1.     Visiting appointments are approved by the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the relevant Faculty. Wherever possible the appointment is to be at the same level as that held at the home institution. Recommendations to the Pro Vice-Chancellor  of proposed visits should include the following:

  • Name, curriculum vitae, and present appointment;
  • Details of the academic activities to be carried out by the nominee;
  • Details of the University facilities to be made available to the nominee;
  • Length of the appointment.

5.2.     Following the appropriate approval, the Faculty or School Office will advise the nominee of the appointment in writing. The letter will include details of any academic activities to be carried out, and the facilities to be made available to the nominee.

6.      Immigration Procedures

6.1.     Academic Visitors whose primary purpose of stay is to observe or participate (without remuneration other than for living expenses and travel costs) in research projects at the invitation of the University of Newcastle should apply for the appropriate visa.

6.1.1 For visits of less than 3 months duration the visitor should apply for an Electronic Travel Authority / Business Visa (Sub-Class 956, 977 or 456).  The application forms are available from:

6.1.2 For visits of 3 months or more (up to a maximum of 12 months) the University is required to nominate the Visitor and the Visitor is required to apply for Sub-Class 419 Visiting Academic Visa.  Details of the nomination process and application forms are available from the Human Resource Services Immigration section.

6.2.     The visitor must be sent a letter of invitation (see 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 below). The letter should provide the following details:

  • the period for which the invitation is extended;
  • the applicant’s proposed activities in Australia; and
  • proposed contributions by the University to the visitor including expenses, if any.

6.2.1 For visits of less than 3 months the letter of invitation should be sent from the Head of School on behalf of the Director, Human Resource Services.  A copy of this letter should be sent to Human Resource Services.

6.2.2 For visits of 3 months or more (up to a maximum of 12 months) the letter of invitation will be sent by the Director, Human Resources with the nomination.

6.3.     The visa application fee is a charge against the nominating academic/host organisational unit.  Immigration fees are available:

6.4.     Academic Visitors who receive remuneration, e.g. a fellowship, salary, stipend, grant, scholarship, award or allowance, other than for living expenses/travel costs) from the University of Newcastle should apply for an alternative visa type, depending on their individual circumstances.

7.     Insurance for Overseas Visitors

7.1.     Academic Visitors are covered by the University’s personal accident and public liability insurance policies. As Academic Visitors are not staff of the University, they are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance.  Academic Visitors should make their own provision for workers’ compensation insurance.

7.2.     Visiting appointees holding a visa must maintain suitable health insurance for the duration of stay in Australia (i.e. Medicare/private health insurance).

8.      Further Information

8.1.     General enquiries regarding these guidelines and the Honorary Appointments Policy should be directed to your Human Resource Officer in Human Resource Services.

Approval AuthorityVice-Chancellor
Date Approved28 November 2005
Date Last Amended9 June 2011
Date for Review31 May 2014
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Policy ContactManager, Human Resource Services
Amendment History

Minor amendments to correct typographical errors and update hyperlinks. Approved by Director, Human Resource Services 9 June 2011.

Amendments to Clauses 6.1.1, 6.3 and 7 to include hyperlinks to to Clause 7. Approved by Director, Human Resource Services 9 February 2010.

Amended 27 November 2007 to align with Council approved delegations.