Creation of Records Guideline

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All staff are required by the University's Records Management Policy to create records that "adequately document their activities". The standard required is set by the Standard on Full and Accurate Records issued by the State Records Authority pursuant to the State Records Act 1998 (NSW).

Remember that all of your records must be both made and identified in a proper recordkeeping system. It is not sufficient to create and hold the records personally. Your records may be managed locally within your faculty, school, or unit, or centrally by the Records Management Office (RMO). You can find more information about storing and retrieving records on the Records Management website.

What Records Should I Create?

While it is not possible to list all the circumstances in which you might create a University record, we've prepared a summary to give you some general guidance about creating clear, accurate, and complete records.

As a University staff member, it is important that you create a record of all decisions, commitments or agreements. In addition, you should also create records of significant meetings, discussions and telephone conversations, especially those concerning:

  • grievances or complaints by or about a student or member of staff
  • conduct and performance matters
  • provision of advice, instructions or recommendations
  • giving permissions and consent
  • making decisions, commitments or agreements
  • industrial issues
  • any contentious matters

What Should My Records Include?

All written communication you create should be complete, accurate, and meaningful. To ensure this, your records should show:

  • the name and position of the person who made the decision (who)
  • the date of the decision (when)
  • the evidence/information considered (why)
  • the details of the decision and any action required (what)

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