Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S): Induction Procedure for Students

Document Number000921
Date Approved17 February 2010
Date Last Amended5 December 2011

1.0    Context

1.1      This Procedure supports the University’s commitment to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the working environment for its staff, students, contractors and visitors. It should be read with the Work Health and Safety Policy 000972.


2.0    Introduction and Scope

2.1      There are many courses on offer across the University that require students to participate in laboratory exercises, field trips, studio or workshop activities, or similar activities, in which there may be some occupational health and safety risk. Participation in these activities is necessary in order to develop the skills and competencies required to achieve the graduate attributes for the respective program.

2.2      This procedure does not apply to placement activities. Placement activities are covered by the Student Placement Policy 000768.


3.0    Definitions

placement means a clinical placement, practicum, internship and any other like form of professional, industrial or vocational experience included in a course or required for a program;

Course Coordinator means the member of the University’s academic staff designated by the Head of School as responsible for planning and coordinating the delivery of a course and for ensuring its appropriate assessment, in consultation with the Program Convenor and with the Head of School, who has the final responsibility;

OH&S means Occupational Health and Safety;

supervisor means the staff member appointed to supervise a particular activity or cohort of students within a course.


4.0    Responsibilities

4.1      It is the responsibility of the relevant School to:

4.1.1      identify courses where health and safety risks may occur;

4.1.2      ensure that risk assessments that list possible hazards and appropriate controls have been undertaken;

4.1.3      establish a suitable OH&S induction process;

4.1.4      ensure that all students are inducted and assessed by the supervisor as competent prior to them commencing the relevant activity. 

4.2      It is each student's responsibility to:

4.2.1      attend appropriate induction and assessment sessions for each relevant course;

4.2.2      take care of themselves and others and cooperate with School and Faculty staff in matters of health and safety.

4.3     It is the joint responsibility of the relevant School and Faculty staff to ensure that accurate and accessible records are maintained listing those students who have completed the appropriate induction sessions and been assessed as competent.  A list of students that require induction, but have not as yet completed the appropriate induction sessions is also required (e.g. via Blackboard).


5.0    Procedure

5.1      Schools will conduct induction sessions as appropriate to each course in which OH&S issues apply. These would generally:

5.1.1      take place early in the teaching term and at least before any activity with an identified OH&S risk commences;

5.1.2      be timetabled with prior notification to students;

5.1.3      be prior notified to students through the course outline, Blackboard site, CTS entry, introductory lectures, and in other preparatory material where provided.

5.2      If a Course Coordinator or designated supervisor finds a student in an activity who has not attended the necessary OH&S induction, then that coordinator or supervisor is authorised and required to inform the student s/he must immediately leave the activity and cannot participate further in such activities until s/he has attended an appropriate induction. 

5.3      If a Coordinator or supervisor finds any student in an activity who is contravening any OH&S policies, practices or requirements outlined during the induction, including the failure to complete the induction prior to commencing the activity, the student shall be required to immediately cease the activity until they have undertaken the required induction training. Any repeated or serious misconduct by the student will be referred to the Vice-Chancellor under the Student Misconduct Rule 000935.


6.0    Penalties

6.1      Attendance at and compliance with relevant OH&S induction processes will be regarded as a compulsory course component in courses as identified by the Head of School and as recorded in the course outline.

6.2      Students must be aware that failure to comply with OH&S processes and procedures may affect their ability to meet all assessment requirements in the laboratory and related activities. For example, these activities may form a compulsory course component within a course. 


7.0    Essential Supporting Documents

Student Placement Policy 000768

Work Health and Safety Policy 000972

Student Misconduct Rule 000935 

Approval AuthorityAcademic Senate
Date Approved17 February 2010
Date Last Amended5 December 2011
Policy SponsorPVC (Academic)
Policy OwnerAcademic Registrar
Policy ContactDeputy Academic Registrar, Governance and Academic Administration
Amendment History

Minor amendment to Clause 1.1. and 7.0 to reflect the replacement of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy 000241 with the Work Health and Safety Policy 000972, that was approved by the Vice Chancellor 30 March 2012

The amendment was effected by the Governance and Policy Unit 2 April 2012.

Replacement of term 'essential criteria' with 'compulsory course component' in clause 6.0. Approved under delegated authority by the President of Academic Senate 5 December 2011.

23 August 2011 - Administrative amendments due to implementation of Student Misconduct Rule which replaced Student Discipline Rules effective 25 July 2011.

Correction in numbering consistencies and minor formatting changes, Governance and Policy 3 November 2010.

Amendments to numbering Clause 4.0 onwards, Governance and Policy 25 June 2010

Document TLC09:101c approved by Academic Senate 17 February 2010 (AS10:011) to take effect 1 July 2010.