Rules Governing Awards and Programs

Document Number000958
Date Approved14 October 2011
Date Last Amended2 December 2011
Date of Commencement: 1 January 2012


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Summary of the Rules

The purpose of these Rules is to prescribe the establishment, quality assurance, revision, discontinuation and disestablishment of awards and programs at the University of Newcastle. These Rules also prescribe the responsibilities of the University in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), including delivery of learning outcomes, volume of learning and compliance monitoring.

These Rules:

  • are an essential part of the delegations framework operated by University officers and bodies to create, establish or amend awards and programs of the University;
  • represent the University's commitment to promoting legislative compliance; and
  • demonstrate the University's commitment to promoting the highest standards of academic knowledge and protecting the integrity of its awards and programs.

These Rules apply to all awards and programs created, established and offered by the University of Newcastle.

The following topics are covered within this Rule:

  • Awards - Disestablishment  
  • Awards – Amendments
  • Awards – Qualification Types
  • Program - Qualification
  • Programs - Creation and Approval
  • Programs - Quality Assurance 
  • Programs – Pathways and Credit
  • Program – Revision
  • Programs – Maximum Time for Completion
  • Programs – Leave
  • Programs - Student Progression
  • Programs - Discontinuation
  • Relaxing Provision


Approval AuthorityCouncil
Date Approved14 October 2011
Date Last Amended2 December 2011
Date for Review14 October 2014
Policy SponsorUniversity Secretary and President of Academic Senate
Policy OwnerCouncil
Policy ContactAcademic Registrar
Amendment History

A list of topics covered in the Rule added. 11 January 2012.

Minor amendments – approved by Council 2 December 2011 Res C11:82

Approved Council, 14 October 2011