Professional Staff Excellence Awards Procedure

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Date Approved29 September 2006
Date Last Amended2 September 2013


1.      Introduction

The University encourages and rewards outstanding performance by its professional staff through the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Professional Staff Excellence.

2.      Definitions


3.      Procedure

3.1.    Eligibility

i.         The Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Professional Staff Excellence acknowledge and reward outstanding performance by professional staff members.

ii.        To be eligible for nomination for a Vice Chancellor’s Award for Professional Staff Excellence, nominees must be members of professional staff, up to and including HEW 9 who are either ongoing or on a fixed term appointment normally greater than 12 months.

iii.       Both individuals and groups are eligible for nomination.

iv.       Staff cannot be the recipient of an individual award in two consecutive years.

v.       A group may consist of -

either a work unit team or individuals from different work units whose collaboration has produced an outstanding contribution.

vi.      The majority of a group must consist of professional staff who can demonstrate their lead in the activity/project. The core group must be identified and their critical contributions and role clearly stated.

vii.       Award recognises performance that exceeds what would be expected of staff in the normal performance of duties.      

viii.      Nominations must meet one of the following criteria:

·    an outstanding and exceptional achievement or success;

·    outstanding service to internal or external stakeholders;

·    an outstanding or novel initiative which has been successfully implemented;

·    significant improvements to work procedure or operational systems; or

·    an exceptional initiative/achievement involving cross unit cooperation. 

·    outstanding contribution to enhancing the student experience. 

.     an individual who is an exemplar of the University's code of conduct, values and upholds professionalism in all capacities when interacting with colleagues and stakeholders.

3.2.    Nominations

i.       A nomination requires three (3) nominators.

ii.      Nominators may be staff members, students, or individuals with significant interactions with the University.

iii.     Only one nominator may be from outside the University.

iv.     Nominations for individuals must include at least one nominator from outside the nominee’s immediate work area.

v.      Self-nomination is NOT permissible.

vi.     Brief supporting statements are required from nominators in support of the nomination (a maximum of 250 words per nominator will be accepted. Nominantions exceeding this word count will NOT be accepted). Attachments will NOT be considered. Supporting statements must be signed.

vii.    Nominations must include the signature of the nominee’s/nominees’ supervisor or equivalent.

viii.   Nominations must include endorsement from the nominee’s/nominees’ Head of School / Director or equivalent with primary responsibility for the nominated achievement.

ix.     Group nominations involving more than one unit/area need only include the endorsement of the Head of School / Director, or equivalent, with primary responsibility for the nominated achievement / initiative / project.

x.      Nominations must be made on official nominations forms setting out the reasons for nomination and how the nominated individual(s) have enhanced the strategic priorities of the University.

3.3.    Procedure

i.       The closing date for nominations for the Award will be advised via the  University's staff newsletter - In the Loop and via the Awards webpage.

ii.      An invitation for nominations will be issued by the Office of the Chief Operating Officer at least four weeks prior to the closing date.

iii.     Completed nomination forms must be submitted via email in one PDF file to

iv.     Late or incomplete nominations will not be considered.

3.4.   Selection Panel

i.       Nominations will be judged by a Selection Panel comprising:

a.  Chief Operating Officer (Chair);

b.  Director, People and Workforce Strategy (or nominee);

c.  Manager Equity and Diversity Unit (or nominee);

d.  one professional staff representative  and one academic representative from the Faculties*;

e.  three Divisional representatives*.

Note*:  One member from each * category: d and e, will be from a campus other than Callaghan.

ii.      The Selection Panel will evaluate the evidence in the documentation accompanying the nomination, to determine which nominees they would recommend receive awards.

iii.     The recommendations of the panel will be forwarded to the Vice-Chancellor, whose decision will be final.

3.5.    Awards

i.      The value of the Award will be:

a.  $2000 for an individual;

b.  $4000 for a team.

ii.      Recipients will also receive an inscribed certificate.

iii.     Awards will be presented at an Annual Awards Ceremony.

iv.     Recognition of all nominees and award recipients at the local level is also encouraged.

v.      Normally, up to ten awards will be approved.

4.      Essential Supporting Documents

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Professional Staff Excellence Nomination Form

Selection Committee Membership

Terms of Reference

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Date Approved29 September 2006
Date Last Amended2 September 2013
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Addition of Cl 3.1 iv, Cl 3.1 vi; extra criteria in 3.1 viii; change to 3.2 v to specify no self-nomination; addition of Cl 3.2vi and 3.2 x; update throughout of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Services) to Chief Operating Officer, approved Chief Operating Officer 2 September 2013.

Amendments to 3.1, 3.3 & 3.4 approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Services) 31 August 2012.

Existing Procedure 000791 replaced with this document because of title and content change to reflect change in terminology from general to professional staff, approved by Vice-Chancellor 21 February 2012, effective 1 January 2012.

5 September 2011 - minor amendment to update links.

Amendment Cl 3.1ii to specify HEW 9 or below; Cl 3.1v - team size; 3.1vii - addition of student experience criteria; 3.2vii - statement required from each nominator. Approved DVC(S) 14 September 2010.

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