Animal Care and Ethics Committee Procedure

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Date Approved18 January 2013

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This Procedure supports the Animal Research Policy.

In NSW, the use of animals for research or teaching purposes is governed by the Animal Research Act 1985 (NSW), Animal Research Regulation 2010 (NSW), and Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes (incorporated by reference into the Animal Research Regulation 2010).

   (i)         The Animal Research Act 1985 (NSW) makes provision for:

  1. accreditation of a corporation as a research establishment;
  2. appointment by an accredited research establishment of an Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) with constitution and procedures as prescribed by the Act and Regulations;
  3. consideration and approval or rejection by an AEC of written applications relevant to animal research;
  4. issue of animal research authorities by an accredited research establishment to individuals on the recommendation of that research establishment’s AEC;
  5. monitoring by an AEC of the acquisition, transportation, production, housing, care, use and fate of animals involved in research within an accredited research establishment.

  (ii)          The University of Newcastle Animal Care and Ethics Committee (ACEC) has the role of an "institutional animal ethics committee (AEC)" as prescribed in the NSW Legislation.

 (iii)          The following procedures for the ACEC are formulated in accordance with the NSW Legislation, and, when appropriate, with policy and procedures of the University of Newcastle.

Approval AuthorityDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Date Approved18 January 2013
Date for Review18 January 2016
Policy SponsorDirector, Research Services
Policy OwnerAssociate Director, Research Strategy, Policy and Performance, Research Services
Policy ContactManager, Animal Welfare and Training Unit
Amendment History

Minor amendment - Animal Care and Ethics Committee Guidelines 001016 added to Essential Supporting Documents, The Secretariat, 26 June 2013.

Approved by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), 18 January 2013.