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Submissions to Government and Other Public Inquiries Procedure 001011

This protocol is intended to support staff to make a submission to a public inquiry in the interests of the University and its objectives.

VIP Engagement Procedure 001012

This protocol is intended to support staff to engage with VIPs in the interests of the University and its objectives.

Promoting a Respectful and Collaborative University: Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy 000941

 Establishes standards of behaviour expected of all members of the University community, to avoid and prevent bullying, discrimination, harassment (including sexual harassment), vilification and victimisation.

University Computing and Communications Facilities Conditions of Use Policy 000817

Sets out the terms governing the use of computing and communications services.

Student Fees Refund Procedure 000491 

Outlines procedures to determine if a refund is applicable.

Policy @ Newcastle

Information about policy at the University of Newcastle, and procedures for developing and writing policies can be found at the Policy @ Newcastle page. 

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