Welcome to the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB) provides national and international education programs in public health for health professionals and the promotion and delivery of transdisciplinary research into health and health care.

Founded in 1981 the CCEB is acknowledged for its pioneering role in offering postgraduate programs in public health via distance education. Its health-focused research and postgraduate programs are highly regarded internationally. The opportunity to undertake postgraduate study with the Centre has attracted many high quality health professionals, who have benefited from career enhancement and increased research opportunities.

The CCEB is a multi-disciplinary centre situated within the School of Medicine and Public Health, part of the Faculty of Health within the University of Newcastle and provides the majority of the School's postgraduate curricula and research in Public Health. The CCEB is an integral part of Community Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Health Behavioural Science, and Clinical Pharmacology in the School.

The CCEB is located in the heart of the city of Newcastle, Australia; in the David Maddison Clinical Sciences Building on the campus of the Royal Newcastle Hospital. It is just a short walk to the city and its beautiful beaches, shopping mall and central train station.

Within the David Maddison Building our postgraduate students have access to the Hunter Area Health Service's Gardiner Library and its extensive facilities. Students also have access to computer facilities and support services within the David Maddison Building, in addition to the full range of facilities provided on the main campus.

An important role of the CCEB is to liaise with other health science institutions in developing countries and in Australia, to produce significant numbers of skilled personnel who can assist clinicians, health administrators, peer professionals and politicians in their quest for effective health care delivery and promotion; and rational, effective and economically efficient use of health care resources to achieve optimal health care.

We invite you to learn more about the CCEB, including the opportunities to study and our research initiatives.