CSER Objectives

  • To discover and apply knowledge of the processes involved in successful restoration and reconstruction of ecological communities towards both managed and unmanaged ecosystems for prescribed land uses.
  • To discover and apply knowledge of the requirements for construction of habitat for flora, fauna and microbes in the above communities, including the habitat requirements of threatened biota.
  • To develop linkages with community groups, industry and government to restore and secure ecosystems impacted by human activities.
  • To establish long-term research and monitoring programs that test the sustainability of restored communities as well as enabling special members (industry) to achieve their consent conditions.
  • To provide training for students that further provides these skills to the community and industry.

Centre Governance

The Centre is administered through the School of Environmental and Life Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Information Technology. During the course of 2009 the Centre will form its Advisory Committee to discuss its annual report and to develop future plans including workshops to facilitate exchange of information with the broader community, industry and government.