A robust academic integrity framework is fundamental to the teaching, learning, and research activities of any university. The University of Newcastle is committed to the use of electronic text-matching software as one aspect of a broader strategy to support the development of academic integrity and information literacy skills. The University's text matching software is Turnitin. Turnitin at the University of Newcastle is first and foremost an educational tool that gives students a chance to revise their work prior to final submission.

It is a condition of enrolment at the University of Newcastle that students accept that electronic text-matching software may be used to check their work by the staff involved in the course. Students are encouraged to pre-submit their work to Turnitin and to make revisions on the basis of originality reports before finally submitting their work for assessment. It is important to be aware that Turnitin does not make judgments on whether plagiarism has occurred, rather it helps assessors determine the originality of student work.