Pool Vehicle Guidelines

Use of University Pool Vehicles

The University of Newcastle operates a Motor Vehicle Pool for use by members of staff on official business.

The University also provides motor vehicles attached to Faculties and Divisions.

1.0 Motor Vehicle Pool

1.1.Vehicles may be booked by emailing Facilities Management on 16500@newcastle.edu.au, or booking an appointment with one of the following Commercial Services vehicles on their associated vehicle Groupwise Calendars:

  • Car-Sedan-BI56SI-Commercial
  • Car-RAV4-BH58EL-Commerical

1.2. Before the use of any University vehicle you must complete a Drivers Licence Form. The completed form and a copy of your driver's licence are to be submitted on key collection. Failure to complete the form will disqualify you from driving University of Newcastle vehicles.

1.3. The Driver's Licence must be sighted by the staff member issuing the keys at the time of collection of the pool vehicle.

1.4. In line with the University of Newcastle Travel Policy Item 4.5, University travellers will use public transport, University vehicles (including package vehicles for senior staff package holders), or hire cars before using private vehicles for University business travel.

1.5. Pool Vehicles are not to be hired for more than 4 consecutive days without prior permission from Commercial Services. For longer periods of time, enquiries should be made into alternative means of travel.

1.6. If public transport and Pool Vehicles are unavailable the staff member should seek approval to rent a vehicle through AVIS. The University of Newcastle has a credit card free rental account with AVIS. To obtain an Avis rental at State Government Contract Pricing email commercialservices@newcastle.edu.au

1.7. As a requirement of hiring a University Pool Vehicle staff are responsible for the following:

  1. Vehicles must be refuelled before they are returned if the fuel gauge indicates less than half a full tank. Caltex Star charge cards are supplied with the Log Book. Vehicle must only be refuelled with Caltex Star E10 or Standard Unleaded. Oil and water should be checked if keeping the vehicle longer than one week.
  2. Pool Vehicles must be returned on or before the time stated when booking the vehicle. If for some reason the vehicle is not able to be returned at the approved time you must immediately notify the area from which you borrowed the vehicle.
  3. Vehicles are to be returned in a clean condition.
  4. Pool vehicle Log Sheets are to be completed in full.
  5. Unless otherwise advised, Pool vehicles are to be parked in the car park from which you took the vehicle.

Failure to comply with the above requests may inconvenience following users and may result in refusal of use of Pool Vehicles.

1.8. Vehicles are covered by WebFleet Roadside Assist, call 1800 932 353. Please report any malfunction of a vehicle to the department from which you borrowed the vehicle as soon as possible.

1.9. In the event of an accident it is the driver's responsibility to firstly inform the Police and the department you borrowed the vehicle from. You will need to complete a Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim Form, located on the Motor Vehicle Insurance website. Once completed the form needs to be returned to the University's insurance provider and contact the Risk and Assurance department.

1.10. In the event of traffic/parking fines incurred during the time you are responsible for the vehicle, the driver's details will be sent to the State Debt Recovery Office. Log Book records will be used to identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offence.

1.11. University undergraduate students are not permitted to drive University Pool Vehicles unless they are employed by the University and/or have the Head of School's written authorisation acknowledging that any costs associated with the vehicle use, including but not limited to vehicle insurance excess if the vehicle is involved in an accident during the time of student usage, will be assigned back to the Faculty / School.