Replacement or Additional Vehicles

The University Vehicle Fleet represents a large Capital Expenditure and measures are in place to ensure that vehicle purchases are kept to a minimum to maximise current fleet utilisation and to reduce the Capital Cost. Applications for additional vehicles (as separate from replacement vehicles) must be made to Commercial Services in a Business Case format indicating the benefit to the Business from the purchase of an additional vehicle and indicating the ongoing source of funding and security/operational arrangements for the vehicle if it were purchased. The decision to purchase additional University Vehicles is made in line with University Policy and requires sign-off by the Associate Director, Commercial Services. Purchases cannot be made where no allowance is available in the vehicle CAPEX budget for the year.

When a vehicle reaches the end of its useful life or becomes inefficient to operate it will be disposed of. Vehicles are not automatically replaced and justification is required to support the replacement of a vehicle. The University will exercise every opportunity to reduce the size of the vehicle fleet and to increase the efficiency and decrease the environmental impact of the vehicles that the University operates.

All University vehicle purchases and disposals are made through Commercial Services.

University Purchased Vehicles

Plant and Equipment

Completed forms to be forwarded to Commercial Services.

For more information, please contact Commercial Services at