Goods, Services and Suppliers

Information about categories under management by Commercial Services staff members is listed below. Contact details are also provided.

Craig Lehman/Beth McDonald

Phone: (02) 4921 8839 / (02) 4921 6733 or

Categories Under Management
Advertising/Marketing Animal Consumables Banking
Bottle/Liquid Gas Catering Chemical/Biological
Consultants Courier/Freight Electricity
Existing Employee Related Expenses External Print/Copy Gas
Health and Safety Insurance Laboratory Materials
Legal Services Library Services Property Leases/Hire
Recruitment Security Services Telecommunications/Network
Temp Labour Training  

Lachlan Reedman

Phone: (02) 4921 5349

Categories Under Management
Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) - All Capital expenditure related to University CAPEX Projects including purchases of new equipment, construction, and building refurbishment
Building Services Furniture and Fittings Minor Equipment
Facilities Research Equipment Audio and Visual

Jeanne Clarke

Phone: (02) 4921 15337

Categories Under Management
Internal Print/Copy IT Hardware Leasing IT Hardware Maintenance
IT Software IT POW  

Mark Grant

Phone: (02) 4921 18619

Categories Under Management
Building Services Electrical Services Fire Services
Landscape Services Mechanical Services Plumbing Services
Waste Management    

Alisha Keevers

Phone: (02) 4921 8751

Categories Under Management
Fleet Office/Kitchen Supplies

Trisha Watts

Phone: (02) 4985 5354

Categories Under Management
Cleaning Travel and Event Services