Background and Administration


The facility operates under a Master Agreement between Macquarie Technology Finance and the University. This agreement provides the University with power of attorney to enter into a Standard Purchase Agreement with selected suppliers to source equipment.

In order to support the facility, the University has selected a number of contracted suppliers. These suppliers partner Macquarie Technology Finance and the University for the acquisition of Information Technology equipment under the facility.


Commercial Services administers the leasing facility at The University of Newcastle. As part of this administrative role, we:

  • Liaise with all endorsed equipment suppliers for equipment supply
  • Receive requisitions for equipment from Faculties and Divisions
  • Authorise orders for disbursement to the equipment supplier
  • Liaise with Faculties and Departments to collect information pertaining to new equipment arrival per month of new and replacement of lease equipment.
  • Arrange for payment of interim and quarterly invoices from the lease provider for equipment that is purchased within the quarters.
  • Arrange for the disbursement of leasing charges to each cost collector with Account Management
  • Liaise with Faculties and Divisions to collect annual stocktake information
  • Maintain equipment records that allow the tracking of the equipment to a responsible section or individual
  • Liaise with Faculties and Divisions for return of equipment to the lease provider at the end of the lease period

Commercial Services does not manage the physical logistical aspects of Lease Item returns including:

  • Ordering of replacement Desktop and Laptop and other leased IT Equipment
  • Packaging and return of IT Equipment to the University General Store
  • Unpacking of new IT Equipment and disposal of packaging
  • IT issues in relation to data migration and setup of new IT Equipment