About the Council

The Council is the governing body of the University of Newcastle. The Council, with the Academic Senate and the Vice-Chancellor, constitute the supreme executive authority of the University.

By virtue of Section 16 of the University of Newcastle Act 1989, the Council has responsibility for the management of the affairs and concerns of the University and may act in all matters concerning the University.

The Council comprises 16 members including 3 official members, 9 appointed members (2 members appointed by the Minister and 7 members appointed by the Council) and 4 elected members. Council members possess a diverse range of professional experience and skills in areas including financial, commercial, legal, and planning.

Council elects a person (whether or not a member of the Council) to be Chancellor of the University for a term of up to four years. It is the role of the Chancellor to chair meetings of the University Council. The Council also elects a Deputy Chancellor for a period of up to two years.