Information for Student Members of University Committees

Students are encouraged to read the following information to enrich their participation as student members of University committees.

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To make a positive and well informed contribution, you need to have:

  • a good understanding of the University, its organisational structure, decision making and quality assurance processes;
  • an understanding of the purpose and function of the committee of which you are a member and the responsibilities of members of Boards and Committees;
  • some knowledge of the University’s policies and procedures relating to business of the committee; and
  • an understanding of the University’s meeting protocols and the modus operandi of the committee of which you are a member.

Role and Responsibility of a Student Member

The role and responsibility of a student member is to:

  • ensure care and diligence in decision-making and make decisions in the best interests of the University;
  • attend and contribute to meetings of the Board or Committee and meetings of any other committees on which you sit as member of the original Board or Committee;
  • ensure a critical review of proposals considered by the Board or Committee;
  • maintain confidentiality where required;
  • attend all meetings, or contact the Secretary to apologise;
  • critically read all agenda documents before each meeting;
  • undertake diligent analysis of all proposals before the Board or Committee;
  • ask for clarification of matters not fully explained; and
  • seek assurance of compliance with internal and external policies.

While election from the relevant student bodies is usually the primary basis of the elected student membership of Boards or Committees, student members, as with other elected members, should note that they do not sit on a Board or Committee as a representative of the relevant student body. They rather bring to their membership the perspective of undergraduate, postgraduate and research students in disciplines of the University to the considerations and decisions of the Board or Committee.

Handbook for Student Members of University Committees

  • Download 2010 Student Committee Members' Handbook  - PDF
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