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Authentication questions

You can avoid the STRESS of forgetting your password by answering 5 (minimum) authentication questions in NUaccess.

Then, if you happen to have a blank moment when you try to enter your UniID and password, avoid the panic, login to NUacces, enter your User ID, and click on the Forgot Password? button.
Answer the questions correctly, create yourself a new password, and you can get on with logging in to your Uni accounts (check which accounts your NUaccess password covers).

It is important to create a strong password - read our Password guidelines for further information.

About the authentication questions

Twenty two questions are listed.

You must answer a minimum of 5 questions. Make sure you choose questions and answers that you will remember, as you will need to answer these if you forget your password.

These responses will appear in uppercase, but are not case sensitive when answered at a later date.

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