Data storage

As a University staff member, there are a number of locations where your work data (such as documents and other files) may be stored.

IT Services provides central storage to the University user community for the storage of University-related data.

Storage name Location Access enabled for Automatic backup
C:\ drive Your desktop or laptop Staff No
U:\ drive Network storage area Staff & students Yes
S:\ drive Network storage area Staff** Yes
USB thumb or hard drive Portable media device User supplied No


**Staff requiring access to departmental shared files and folders on networked S:\ drive must download and submit a Request to create or access existing Shared/Network drive form to the 17triplezero IT Service Desk.

Shared Data - typically S:\

A 'shared' network resource may have been arranged by your faculty, school or division to allow exchange of work data files (such as documents) between staff members. This data is stored within a "shared" folder on a designated server. Examples of this include:

\\divisions\usd_it\ servicedesk\admin

An S: drive should be visible from your 'My Computer' command. The S: drive points to the relevant shared folder/s you have reqested and been given access to. If you have access to more than one shared folder other drives may be mapped as well.

Personal files

Locations for you to store your personal documents and data are:

  • Your U: drive - a reliable location where you can store your files and data.
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  • The 'My Documents' area on the hard disk of the machine you are using. This space is particularly useful for large temporary or static files that do not need to be backed-up on a regular basis.
    NOTE: Local data is not accessible from any machine other than the one you are saving it on, and is not backed up by IT Services.