How-to guides

Getting started with UNify

Windows MacOS X

Getting Started with UNify for Windows (PDF)

Getting Started with UNify for MacOSX (PDF)

Adding your UoN signature (Windows) (PDF)

Creating and editing your UoN signature (Mac OS X) (PDF)

Quick Reference Card Outlook 2010 (Windows) (PDF)

Quick Reference Card Outlook 2011 (Mac OS X) (PDF)

Connecting your mobile device to  UNify

Connecting your iOS device to UNify (PDF)
Connecting your Android device to UNify (PDF)
Connecting your Windows 8 device to UNify (PDF)

 Managing your email and calendaring commiunications using UNify

Windows MacOS X

Mailbox sharing and permissions in UNify (PDF)

Mailbox sharing and permissions in UNify Mac OS X (PDF)

How to share a folder in UNify (PDF)

How to share a folder in UNify Mac OS X (PDF)

Sending and replying on behalf of another person (PDF)

Sending a reply on behalf of another person Mac OS X (PDF)

Sharing a calendar (Windows) (PDF)

Sharing a calendar (Mac OS X) (PDF)

Adding a positional account (Windows) (PDF)

Adding a positional account (Mac OS X) (PDF)

Adding a resource account (Windows) (PDF)

Adding a resource account (Mac OS X) (PDF)

Adding permissions to a positional shared account (Windows) (PDF)


Creating an automatic reply - holiday rule (Windows) (PDF)

 Creating an automatic reply - holiday rule (MacOS X) (PDF)

Set a resource to auto accept or decline (PDF)


Junk mail in UNify (Windows)


Online training

Self-paced online training on almost every aspect of using Outlook is available on various Microsoft websites.

Windows MacOS X

Getting started with Outlook 2010

Outlook basics tutorial

Training courses for Outlook 2010

Learning roadmap for Outlook for Mac 2011

Create and Use Contact Groups in Outlook 2010

Movie Files (MP4 format)

Using Email Using the Calendar
Introducing Outlook 2010 8:18 (55 MB) Introducing the Outlook calendar 8:14 (25 MB)
Sending email 3:03 (15 MB) Calendar features 4:02 (21 MB)
Receiving email 7:24 (35 MB) Scheduling meetings 6:26 (29 MB)
Viewing email by conversation 5:22 (26 MB) Recurring meetings 3:51(14MB)
More about email conversations 7:58 (35 MB) Free/busy search 5:23 (18.5 MB)
Setting up your signature 7:21 (21 MB)


Getting Organised Using Search
Printing your email 3:17 (15 MB) Basic searches 2:24 (12 MB)
Mailbox views 4:45 (26 MB) Using search folders 6:09 (34 MB)