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Incurring Entertainment Expenditure

Entertainment expenditure may be incurred by:

University Purchasing Card (preferred option)

If entertainment is charged to a University Credit Card, the "entertainment" questionnaire in Spendvision must be used, enabling the correct GST and FBT treatment to be defaulted and recorded in the Finance System.

Invoice Issued to University

If the University is invoiced for entertainment provided, the first option is payment by University purchasing card. If for some reason you are unable to pay via purchasing card, a Finance One requisition will need to be completed specifying the Entertainment category and the additional information provided for Category 4 transactions, in order to satisfy FBT requirements.

Staff Reimbursement

All staff must use the reimbursement functionality in Spendvision to claim any out of pocket business related entertainment. Spendvision reimbursement user documentation can be downloaded from: