General Ledger Chart of Accounts

The General Ledger Chart of Accounts comprises the range of account codes that transactions may be classified as for financial reporting purposes. All account codes are numerical and incorporate a brief description. Every transaction must be allocated to an account code in the University’s finance system, TechnologyOne Financials (TechOne).

Each account code is grouped with other similar account codes to form a group of codes, eg the Academic support staff account (7102) is located within the Academic Salaries and Wages group, which, in turn, is located within the Academic Salaries and Oncosts group. Account groupings are an important aspect of the chart of accounts as they enable summarised reporting to be performed at either a group level in addition to detailed reporting at the account level.

Each account code is made up of four digits. The Chart of Accounts is broken up as follows:

Code Classification Report
1### Assets Balance Sheet
2### Liabilities Balance Sheet
3### Equity Balance Sheet
4### Income Income Statement
5### Expenses Income Statement
7### Salary and wages Income Statement

Note that codes starting with 6 and 9 are not utilised. Codes starting with 8 are used exclusively by UON Services Ltd for its trading income and expenses.

The following documents list the University's complete chart of accounts. The detailed report provides an additional narrative to describe the types of transactions that should be allocated to each account code.