Cost Centre Changes 2008

Cost Collector Changes (Formerly Cost Centres/Projects)

From 2008 the University has adopted a new costing structure for cost collectors (formerly cost centres/projects). The account numbering sequence remains as an 11 digit number. However, the first 7 digits have been changed to include a 2 digit entity code and a 5 digit cost collector number, in order to incorporate the reporting requirements for the University and its Controlled Entities (such as UoN Services) within the TechnologyOne Finance system.

The costing structure is now as follows:

2008 Chart of Accounts - the account numbering sequence (11 digits)

Account Number Sequence

Entity Code: the 2 digit numerical code, to be used on all University of Newcastle cost collectors, is 10. However, this code will vary for the University's controlled entities depending on which entity, the transaction being processed, belongs to.

Entity Codes are as follows:

Entity Description
10 University of Newcastle
20 Newcastle Innovation
30 GradSchool
40 University of Newcastle (Singapore)
50 UoN Services
60 University of Newcastle Foundation
70 Cessnock Uni Clinic
80 Hunter Uni Clinic

Cost Collector: The 5 digit numerical identifier that is unique to any given cost collector. The first digit of the cost collector identifies the cost collectors type.

Cost collector types are as follows:

Cost Centre Description
0 Control
1 Operating
2 Projects (operating funds)
3 Restricted
4 Capital
5 Trust
8 Research

Account Code: The 4 digit number which describes what type of transaction is being processed within the given cost collector. There can be many different account codes used within the one cost collector.