Internet Access

The Internet service is used to access information and electronic resources located outside the University of Newcastle network.

Primarily this is done using web browser software. A number of web browsers are supported by IT services at the University of Newcastle.

While the Internet is an essential resource for all kinds of learning, teaching, research, and work, it is not a free resource. Breaching the terms and conditions of use may result in disconnection of your service and/or disciplinary action.

When you access a site that is external to the University for the first time in a computer session you will be prompted for your username and password. Once you have been authenticated, all your subsequent activities and downloads in that session are logged.

Terms and conditions of Internet use

When you begin your relationship with the University of Newcastle, you must accept the the terms and conditions of use for University computing resources. Accepting the T & C activates your designated computer accounts and Internet access.

Access to the Internet is through Australia's academic and research network, AARNET, and is bound by AARNET's Access Policy.