Mailing List

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a collection of names and email addresses used by an individual or an organisation to send material to multiple recipients.  The mailing list is identified by a single name, such as When an email message is sent to the mailing list name, it is automatically forwarded to all the addresses in the list.

The University uses a product called Mailman as its mailing list management tool.

Types of mailing list available

An open list means that any valid user can subscribe to the list. This list is suitable for publicity or open groups.

A closed list is one where only the list owner (moderator/s) can add new subscribers. Any ‘subscribe’ requests are automatically forwarded to the list owner for approval.

When requesting a mailing list, the applicant must nominate whether the list is to be open or closed.

About Mailman

Mailman is accessed via a web interface.

Members and prospective members are able to view publicised lists and public archives, subscribe and unsubscibe form lists (subject to approval) via the List Information area.

List configuration, subscription management and posting approvals are tasks performed by list administrators or moderators. These operations are available in the Administration area, which is password protected.

Managing a mailing list - Information for Administrators and Moderators