MIS (Management Information System) Portal

What is the MIS Portal?

The MIS Portal provides easy, interactive and secure access to current data and business intelligence from all areas of the University and the sector.

The MIS Portal is a data warehouse that collects data from a variety of University IT systems on a daily basis, and from external national and international data sources.

Staff can use this information and knowledge to inform business and teaching and learning decisions at all levels. 

The MIS Portal also provides a range of operational and strategic data to facilitate implementation of the University's NeW Directions Strategic Plan 2013-2015 and the NeW Directions 2025 Vision.

Authorised staff can access structured information products by selecting a standard mix of information, for example: Student Enrolment and Load Reports, Student Performance Statistics Reports, Student Completions, Research Income and Publications Reportsand Ranking Reports, or design individual presentations that suit their particular needs.

Who can use the MIS Portal?

Users currently include the Executive Committee, Heads of School, Executive Officers, Assistant Deans, Program Convenors, and nominated staff in areas such as Student Administration, Research, GradSchool and the International Office. Additional staff are gradually being added.

To gain access to the Portal consult with your supervisor and ask them to email Anne.Young@newcastle.edu.au. Their email should include your rationale for access and your staff number plate.Approved staff will receive an email containing information about logging on and training options.

MIS Portal Help Page

A Help page provides a Guide, Frequently Asked Questions and a Glossary, available after log in.

Drop-in Helpdesk

PQR have established a Drop-in Helpdesk to help staff access and use the Portal.

Where: The Chancellery (Callaghan Campus) Room CH223
When:  Every Thursday from 10am