Student Parking: Newcastle

Student parking permits are available from the University of Newcastle OnLine Store Please log on and purchase your permit, print your order and take to one of the student hubs. You will need to present your student identification card in order to pick up your permit.

By purchasing a Student parking permit you agree to abide by the University's Traffic and Parking Rules and the University's Motor Vehicles Entry Fee Policy.

The University's Traffic and Parking Rules are enforceable throughout the whole year, including semester breaks 24 hours a day 7 days per week. Parking restrictions and speed limits are enforceable. All drivers must comply with the parking restrictions and speed limits on campus.

Types of Permits and Costs

Half Yearly or Annual Permit

This permit allows access for motor vehicles to General Parking Areas only.  It can not be used to park in Staff, Disabled, Reserved or Service bays at any time. The permit is made of a special electrostatic plastic that allows for transfer between vehicles.

The annual permit is valid from 1 January to 31 December in the year of issue.
Cost: $151.66

First Semester Half Yearly Permit

Valid from 1 January to 30 June
Cost: $75.83 per Semester

Daily Ticket from Machine (cash or credit card) $ 4.30

Second Semester Permit

Permit goes on sale in mid June and is valid until 31st December in the year of issue.
Cost: $75.83 per Semester

Reminder: Free Parking

Free parking is available in Carpark 15 which is located near the Ray Watt Oval and Carpark 16 which is located near the railway station both are on the Eastern side of the campus. You can view Carparks 15 & 16 on the campus map.