Policy Development

Key steps in policy development and approval

The steps in developing and obtaining approval of policy documents are detailed in the Policy Development and Approval Procedure 000807.

The Policy and Approval Procedure is supported by the Policy Development and Review Flow Chart below and the Policy Development Guidelines.

Policy Development and Review Process


Identify Issues
  1. Be productive in issue identification
  2. Contact the Governance and Academic Administration Unit for advice and assistance
Conduct Analysis
  1. Identify Responsible Officers of Policy
  2. Obtain support to proceed with research & analysis of the policy issue
  3. Assemble a Policy Development or Review Team
  4. Research and Analyse the Policy Issue


Develop Draft Policy or Discussion Document
  1. Refer to the Policy Framework for policy definitions and other critical information
  2. Use the Policy Templates
  3. Refer to Resources and Training for Policy Writers
  1. Identify Stakeholders
  2. Alert Staff of Upcoming Policy Development/Review Process
  3. Consult with stakeholders and consider techniques
  4. Document consultation and feedback
Obtain Approval
  1. Draft policy & accompanying submission for approval including completion of the Policy & Procedure Data Sheet (using the template provided on the policy@newcastle website)
  2. Submit for approval using the Policy Approval Pathways identified in the Policy Development and Approval Procedure on the policy@newcastle website
  3. Archive Policy Approval and Associated Documentation (including versions and feedback)
Communicate & Implement
  1. Plan communication
  2. Publish policy in the Policy Library (including in Policy Alerts) and through the uni-staff email et al
  3. Develop other communication plans where necessary eg. education workshops, policy info kit etc.
  4. Develop supporting documentation where necessary to assist implementation eg. frameworks, forms, templates, instructions etc


  1. Review the policy on the assigned review date (between 1 and 3 years)
  2. Obtain feedback from stakeholders/users on effectiveness of policy
Measure Outcomes & Compliance
  1. Measure outcomes
Measured Results