Policy Framework

The University's Policy Framework reflects the relationship between the components of the Policy Library: University legislation, rules, schedules, policies, procedures and guidelines.

Within this model, policy is not seen in isolation. Each policy is linked to the legislation or strategic priorities (above it) that have given rise to it, and to the policies and/or procedures (below it) which prescribe how it will be implemented.

The reform of the Policy Library to reflect that framework is underway. All documents will be progressively revised to reflect their place within the hierarchical framework and to identify the relationship between documents.

Components of the Policy Framework

The University's policy collection includes: the University of Newcastle Act and By-law, rules, schedules, policies, procedures and guidelines. The Policy Framework diagram reflects the relationship between these:


Rules are formal statements of the conditions which must apply to the conduct of key aspects of the University's operation. They are approved by the Council or Vice-Chancellor, and have the force of a By-law.


Schedules are approved documents prescribing the way in which the principles of a rule or policy are applied in specific instances. The Schedule for the Bachelor of Business, for example, stipulates the way in which the regulations laid down in the Rules Governing Undergraduate Academic Awards are to be applied in this degree.


There are two levels of policy in the University's policy collection:

  • Governance
  • Strategic/Operational.

Above them are the University of Newcastle Act and By-law, and the University's rules. Below them, and attached to them are:

  • Procedures - which stipulate how a policy is implemented; and
  • Guidelines which provide additional information on a policy or aspect of policy.

Governance Level Policies

Governance level policies are high level policies which articulate the principles which instruct the University's management across key strategic areas, e.g. risk management and strategic planning. They are approved by Council and apply across the University.

Strategic and Operational Policies

Strategic and operational policies - are lower order policies which translate the requirements of legislation or of a governance level policy into strategic or operational principles that guide the operation of the University. They are approved by the Vice-Chancellor or delegate.


Procedures are documents which indicate the steps that must be taken to implement a particular policy. Policies will not always require a procedure document, though some policies will give rise to a number of procedures.


Guidelines are documents which in a range of forms, offer additional detail and context on aspects of a policy or procedure.

Policy Framework