Project Planning

Planning your communication and training for successful project delivery

To create awareness, interest and demand for your new project, process or product, you need to plan well ahead how you will communicate and educate your target audience.  These communication and training requirements for your target audience also need to be constantly monitored and reviewed throughout the life of the project.  Below are two documents that define project management terms and basic communication and training principles.

The Organisational Development Team has developed a series of project tools to assist Project Managers and Project Officers to manage and review communication and training requirements for all types of projects.  These include a Communication Strategy, Communication Plan, Training Strategy and a Training Plan.

What is the difference between a Communication Strategy and a Communication Plan?

A Communication Strategy is used to identify key messages and the stakeholders to whom these messages will be directed.  This raises awareness and understanding of the project throughout the development life cycle.  A Communication Strategy is a broad overview and does not generally contain specific details, for example ‘Provide information forum in December’ rather than ‘Information forum 11-12 December 12 delivered by Deborah Lewis’.  It is recommended that the Communication Strategy by completed first.

A Communication Plan does contain the details of all communications.  It can be helpful to consider the Communication Strategy as the map, and the Communication Plan as the detailed instructions on how to reach the destination.  The Plan details the methods, times, and people responsible for all communications.

To ensure that the Communication Strategy and Communication Plan have been distributed to and approved by all relevant staff, the Document Distribution and Information template should be completed.

What is the difference between a Training Strategy and a Training Plan?

The Training Strategy outlines the key stakeholder groups who will receive training as part of the implementation of a project.

The Training Plan identifies:

  • the type of training that will be delivered to what group
  • training timelines
  • who will deliver the training
  • the training materials that will need to be developed
  • who will develop the training materials.

For small projects (or medium projects that have a low risk) there may be no Training Strategy.

The Document Distribution and Information template should be used to ensure approval of the Training Strategy and Training Plan.

If you have any questions, or you require assistance with the planning and delivery of communication and training requirements for your project or process, please contact Deborah Lewis, Project Officer, Organisational Development on ext 15394 or email