About Us

The Records Management Office (RMO) is a small team within the University Services Division. We offer a number of services to the University community including:

  • Management of a collection of central records
  • Administration of the University's record management system
  • Education and training about best practice in creating, storing and disposing of records.

Central Records Collections

We manage a central collection of active and semi-active records for the senior executive and key central administrative areas, including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Research and Research Training
  • Human Resource Services
  • Legal Unit

These records include a wide range of documents in a range of formats. Inactive University records deemed to be worthy of permanent retention as archives are stored with the University's Cultural Collections Unit.

Administration and Access

Access to the central collection of records is available to University staff on a need-to-know basis. All records managed by the RMO have security classifications, and you may not be able to access certain records. Many staff can now access the records system TRIM Context using a standard web browser.

About TRIM

Since 2004, TRIM (Total Record Information Management) has been the University of Newcastle's  EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management System).

TRIM is currently used by a vast majority of Australian Universities, Australian and Foreign Government Departments, and a number of large private organisations.

TRIM is the University's enterprise document and records management system for physical and electronic information, designed to help our organisation capture, manage, and secure university information in order to streamline information management, increase productivity, and to meet governance and regulatory compliance obligations.

To access TRIM, please email records@newcastle.edu.au  and our RMO Manager will be in contact to discuss your requirements, and user licencing fees.

The user registration forms can then be downloaded from the RMO forms  page.

Once the user profile is activated, TRIM is available in 2 operating versions :-

1.    A FULL CLIENT Version,

 that requires the installation of software onto individual desktop/laptop PCs.

Download Full Client User Guide


2.  A WEB CLIENT Version,

that can be accessed remotely from https://records.newcastle.edu.au

Please note, that there is some reduced functionality when using the web version, such as the inability to catalogue emails.

Download Web Client User Guide