Record Retention and Disposal

Minimum Retention Periods

Different records must be kept for different lengths of time and, depending on the activity to which the record relates, may have particular requirements for storage and disposal. There are minimum retention periods determined by legislation for all sorts of records. You are not permitted to destroy records before this minimum time requirement, regardless of format (this includes emails). The University is required to retain some records permanently. These are called State Archives.

You should be aware that it is unlawful to damage, alter, or destroy any records of the University without authorisation. If you need to seek authorisation to destroy records, please download the Request to Destroy Records Form. When completed, send this to RMO (preferably in electronic format). RMO will then assess your request and provide authorisation for destruction, or other appropriate advice.

Policy and Guidelines

We can help you determine whether disposing of your records is appropriate and lawful. Contact usfor more information about our services. For general information on your responsibilities, we suggest that you refer to the University's Guideline on Record Retention and Disposal, which covers:

  • Which records must be kept
  • Minimum retention periods
  • Disposal using normal administrative practice
  • Disposal using the General Disposal Authorities
  • Procedure for disposal and destruction of records

Quick Guides

We have developed a series of quick guides to assist staff members in appropriate retention, disposal, and destruction of records. These guides cover the following areas:

  • Faculties and Schools
  • Facilities Management
  • Residential Colleges
  • Records Containing Personal Information