Records Management Self Assessment

The Records Management Office have a wide range of guides and tools designed for business units to self assess their recordkeeping processes. The RMO encourage business units to undertake assessment once a year in conjunction with the Records Management Office.

The Self Assessment Tools assist in identifying any gaps in how your business unit is managing records as well as provide instructions on how to improve any identified deficiencies.

About the Tools

  1. Records Management Self Assessment Tool - The purpose of the self assessment is to measure how well your business unit manages its records and to identify areas of improvement which can feed into your records management plan. Additionally it will assist the RMO to identify common area for improvement which can be used to develop strategies to help improve records management practices as a whole at the University.
  2. Records Management Plan - The purpose of the Records Management Plan template enables a Business Unit to plan their records management activities based on the business units 1,2 or 3 year cycle.
  3. Record Storage Risk Assessment Tool - This tool is designed to identify obvious risks to records stored in local areas and any additional risks based on local knowledge and previous experiences of local disasters. It is targeted at records storage areas, including local office areas where records are stored while in use, as well as local storage rooms used to store archived records.
  4. Records Management Risk Assessment Tool - This Risk Assessment Tool is designed to:
    • Provide business units with a quick reference to identify obvious risks to their records and recordkeeping systems
    • Assess additional risks within the business unit based on local knowledge and previous experiences of disasters affecting the area.
    This tool covers some aspects of records management included in the Records Management Program audit and self-assessment processes. Areas responsible for centralised recordkeeping should consider undertaking a more comprehensive risk assessment of their record practises and storage areas. The Records Management Office can provide assistance in such cases.

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