Request for Information

Strategy Planning and Performance provides information to support the performance and monitoring of the institution wide key performance indicators.

The Management Information System (MIS) Portal has been launched and should address many of the Information Requests you have. If you are not an authorised user, please discuss your request with your School or Unit Executive Officer, who can help provide the information.

Requests that cannot be answered through the MIS Portal will be considered at a weekly meeting and prioritised unless they are urgent and important (e.g.. for the Vice Chancellor, Council, Executive Committee or an urgent media enquiry), in which case they will be actioned appropriately.

For your important data requirements, please ensure adequate time between the request for information and the date that you require the data.

For significant/complex data requests, either

  • contact your School or Faculty Executive Officer, or
  • schedule an appointment with PQR. To do this, please contact our Information Analyst on ext. 17320 or our Reception on ext. 16610.

If you consider that your request for information is important, and there is no other data source e.g. the MIS Portal, Annual Reports, Program Core Courses Report, or the Load Management Report, please proceed to the next screen.