What you can expect if:

a) You voice a concern/report an allegation:

  • You will be asked to support the investigation by providing as much factual information as possible in respect of the allegation.
  • You will receive periodic updates/progress reports of the investigation process. 
  • You will be advised that the investigation has been finalised.  However, it may not be possible to advise the outcome if other avenues, such as criminal or misconduct proceedings, are being pursued.

b) An allegation is made against you:

  • If an allegation is made about you and preliminary assessment of that allegation finds no evidence to support the allegation, you will not be advised of the matter.
  • In a case where evidence is found and a formal investigation is required, the investigator will contact you as part of the investigation process. You will be informed of the allegation, in summary, and will be asked to attend an interview with the investigator.
  • The interview may be recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording. You may bring an observer to the meeting.
  • The investigator operates on the understanding that as an employee of the University you will co-operate with the process. However, you do have the right to refuse such a meeting.
  • Throughout the investigation process the University will make every effort to ensure confidentiality is maintained. Furthermore, the investigation will be conducted on the premise of natural justice. 
  • Counselling services are available to the person who is the subject of the investigation.

c) You are asked to contribute to an investigation:

  • To ensure all facts are obtained, staff may be asked to make statements and/or contribute information in respect of an investigation.
  • The investigation will be based on the understanding that staff members will co-operate with requests from the investigator.
  • As staff members, the University will support your contribution by ensuring you are not discriminated against or harassed as a result of your co-operation.