Property Insurance

This insurance covers the loss or damage to property owned or leased to the University. Such loss or damage must be unforeseen.

The insurance does not cover the property of students nor staff, except as noted below. Such property should be insured by the staff or students themselves.

The resulting loss of income including additional costs to regain normal operations is also covered.

The insurance is subject to various conditions and exclusions – for additional information, please contact the Insurance Team of the Risk Management Unit.

Insurance of Staff Libraries

The University's insurance policy covers staff libraries on campus, while these libraries are required for teaching and research. The libraries have a maximum cover of $25,000.

The coverage would be extended to the staff library for loss or damage by fire, water and theft/burglary where this has clearly occurred. The policy would not respond in other non-defined situations where a book(s) cannot be located and might be assumed lost. These situations will be seen as an inventory loss.

Council has endorsed an excess of $250.00 to be met by the member of staff for any insurance claim against theft, loss or damage to staff libraries and personal property held on campus. It is essential in substantiating the existence of library that a register be kept of staff members' books, to provide evidence in the event of loss to our insurers.

Making a Claim

In the event of theft or damage to University property, the Insurance Team of the Risk Management Unit must be notified as soon as possible. Please include the following information when inquiring whether loss or damage to University property is covered by insurance.

  • Full description of item;
  • Date and time of incident;
  • Damage caused;
  • Details of incident (cause and effect);
  • Approximate cost of repair or replacement;
  • Whether police have been notified (if theft), date of report, police contact names and telephone numbers;
  • Contact name and telephone number of the contact person in the department.

Information and Contacts

Name Telephone Position
Shae McGrath (02) 4985 4366
Risk Officer
Risk and Assurance Services
Sara Knight (02) 4921 6489
Risk and Assurance Services

Note: The material furnished in this web site is for information purposes only and does not constitute an insurance contract upon which claims can be made. In the event of loss, damage or liability of any kind, the wording, terms, conditions and exclusions of the original policy shall have precedent over any other document.