Corporate Travel Insurance

Travel and Personal Accident Insurance

The University's Corporate Travel policy provides travel insurance for staff and students (see category below) travelling overseas on official University business. Note that overseas travel associated with Special Study Programme (SSP) is included in this insurance cover.

If you are travelling in the name of and with the approval of the University, but your travel is arranged and funded by an outside organisation, you still need to contact STA Travel to have your itinerary and details entered into the Traveller Locator tracking system used by the University.

This policy covers numerous members of the University Community:

  • Staff (including Conjoints, staff of Newcastle Innovation and staff of the University on SSP)
  • Students (Undergraduate and Postgraduate). No personal travel included in this cover

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Effective 1 February 2013, new changes to coverage for personal travel.

Claims made outside this date will be rendered invalid.

Any trips longer than 180 days need to be referred and approved by Risk and Assurance Services.
Without Risk and Assurance Services approval, the travel insurance coverage will NOT cover staff or students after 180 days of travel.

Travel to Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Somalia & Chechnya will need to be referred to Risk & Assurance for approval.

Travel Insurance does not cover personnel over 85 Years of age.
If you fall into this categories please contact the Insurance Team.

There are limitations within the Travel insurance Policy regarding Pregnancy and Presciption Medicine.  Please call the Insurance Team for further information or to discuss your situation.

Policy Details

Name of Insurer: Chubb Insurance
Policy Number: 93123224
Name of Insured: University of Newcastle

Emergency Assistance - International SOS

The University of Newcastle has a membership with International SOS (ISOS).  ISOS provide a 24/7 resource on call, online and even on the ground to help with any medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise.

So if you need a medical referral, lose your medication, seek pre-travel advice or experience a medical or security crisis, University of Newcastle has a fully integrated program in place so you receive the care and expertise that you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

ISOS have a dedicated UoN telephone number in Sydney, you can call this reverse charge from overseas +61 2 9372 2308.  However you can still call into any office overseas, see website link below for details.

For comprehensive information on countries you are visiting and to download the ISOS Smartphone App please go to:

Making a claim

  1. Download the relevant claim form:
    1. Corporate Travel (lost luggage overseas, illness whilst overseas, cancellation of trip due to illness) This form includes a cover sheet which needs to be completed to ensure prompt payment is made to the correct individual/company.
      NB: Staff and students will wear the first $500 of any loss of electronic equipment (such as personal/business computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, etc.)
  2. Complete the relevant sections taking note of the required supporting documentation that needs to be supplied
  3. Sign the Claim form .
  4. If you are a student please include your student number and include a copy of your student card as supporting documentation
  5. Make a copy of your completed form and supporting documents prior to forwarding through to the insurer
  6. The completed claim form and supporting documents should be scanned and sent to the Risk Management Unit (below)

NB: It is recommended that you make a copy of your complete form and supporting documents prior to forwarding through to the insurer.

Personal Travel

Staff travelling on University authorised business travel are covered for a limited amount of personal travel when taken in conjunction with University approved travel. You will need to obtain your own insurance for some personal travel.  Please contact Risk & Assurance to ensure coverageis in place.

Students are not covered for any personal travel if taken in conjunction with University approved travel.

Note: The material furnished in this web site is for information purposes only and does not constitute an insurance contract upon which claims can be made. In the event of loss, damage or liability of any kind, the wording, terms, conditions and exclusions of the original policy shall have precedent over any other document.

Information and Contacts

Name Telephone Position
Shae McGrath (02) 4985 4366
Risk Officer
Risk and Assurance Services
Sara Knight (02) 4921 6489
Risk and Assurance Services