Liability and Personal Accident Insurance for Volunteers of the University

Authorised volunteer workers of the University, whilst on voluntary work on behalf of the University, are covered by a number of insurance policies held by the University of Newcastle.

Personal Accident and Travel Insurance

The University of Newcastle currently has in force a Personal Accident and Injury Insurance Policy for volunteers of the University. The policy provides cover whilst volunteers are engaged in authorised University activity. It is an accident cover only and does not cover illness. The Policy is limited and you should obtain your own insurance if you require more comprehensive coverage. The policy includes a $50.00 excess for each claim.

Personal Accident Policy, subject to the Terms & Conditions of the policy, covers:

  • Death and capital benefit
  • Weekly injury benefit
  • Injury assistance benefit
  • Modification benefit
  • Medical expenses related to injury up to $100,000.00 (only those costs that are not claimable on Medicare)

This policy responds after claims are made on any private medical insurance held by the volunteer.

These policies do not cover illness due to sickness or disease, or pre-existing medical conditions.

Refer to the Schedule for the level of cover.

Motor Vehicles

The University of Newcastle insurances do not extend to cover private vehicles. The vehicles owner is responsible for ensuring their insurance provides adequate cover.

Public Liability Insurance

The University has a public liability insurance policy that includes a worldwide cover, which protects the University, any employee or any person for whom the University may be responsible against claims which may be brought by third parties for injury to third parties and/or damage to third party property in those instances in which the University may be proven legally liable. Volunteers are covered by the University’s Public Liability Policy for damage they may accidentally do to other people or property in the course of their approved University activities.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy indemnifies the University of Newcastle against legal liability for claims by third parties for breach of professional duty by an employee or any person for whom the University is responsible eg students volunteers, by reason of any negligent act, error or omission in conduct of University business.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Volunteers are not deemed to be employees of the University. They would therefore not be entitled to cover under Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Information and Contacts

Name Telephone Position
Shae McGrath (02) 4985 4366
Risk Officer
Risk and Assurance Services
Sara Knight (02) 4921 6489
Risk and Assurance Services

Note: The material furnished in this web site is for information purposes only and does not constitute an insurance contract upon which claims can be made. In the event of loss, damage or liability of any kind, the wording, terms, conditions and exclusions of the original policy shall have precedent over any other document.