Purdue Room

This room has limitations on use, please click here to view.

Location: Situated in the Great Hall
Capacity: 40
Equipment: AMX Presentation Control System, (used for selection of inputs to the data/video projector and to control, lights, motorised projection screen and audio levels)
Document Camera (can be used as an electronic overhead projector to display onto the data projector)
Data/Video Projector (for display of computer presentations or video)
Public Address System and Lectern Microphone.
VHS/DVD combo player
Audio Cassete Replay and Record
Settings: Settings available for eg. Theatre style or U shape. Please request when booking room.
Contact: Room Bookings 4921 6350
Email: Room-Bookings@newcastle.edu.au
Instructions: Make a booking by emailing Room Bookings

Catering for rooms not in the Chancellery

Catering is available from the UoN Services Limited.