Purdue Room & Annexe - limitations

The aim of these limitations is to preserve the ceremonial/celebratory character of these spaces, their centrality as the major meeting rooms of the University and to help maintain their level of finish and to reduce their levels of maintenance.

  • Meetings such as Council, Senate, Faculty boards, School boards, other major committee meetings and ceremonial type occasions should be booked;
  • Other occasions which welcome the public to the University should also be allowed to be booked, as should training sessions or seminars of a wide University nature particularly if they include the public;
    Note: Refer to the University Facilities - Hire and Use Policy - Point 4.4 "Insurance for Conferences" when making bookings which involve the public.
  • Routine classes, departmental meetings, seminars etc should not be booked in these spaces but should use other University meeting rooms.
    Note: If it is a non core University booking you should contact Clare Nader, Facilities Management to arrange a booking, ext 16664 or email Clare.Nader@newcastle.edu.au.

As a general rule food should not be served in the foyer nor in the Purdue Room itself and any group or organisation which does have permission to use the kitchen to serve food in the Annexe and/or to have use of the kitchen for catering must take responsibility for the cleaning up.