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Friends On Campus

Friends on Campus is a transition program for high school students thinking about studying at university. Staff and students from the University of Newcastle deliver a variety of information sessions in a relaxed and casual setting. Working in small groups, students can ask questions and seek advice from senior university students and staff about moving from high school to university. We also provide sessions for parents so they too can have those important questions answered about their student’s progression to university.
Transition to university is challenging for all students. Our goal is to provide a link between your students and our staff, offer an ongoing communication channel and ensure we provide a friendly and responsive support pathway for students aiming to study at university.

The program has 3 main sessions:

  1. Study Skills for Year 10, 11 and 12 Students - Senior university students who have excelled in their studies and are active in Peer Mentoring roles, deliver sessions to groups of 20 students or less, about the differences of studying in a tertiary education setting compared with high school. The mentors provide study skills booklets prepared by themselves. During the session students can ask questions on all aspects of studying in a university setting. We are able to accommodate up to 100 students at any one time.
  2. Staff Connecting with Aspiring Students - These sessions are delivered in late August or early September, just prior to the university application process. A number of staff meet with  final year high school students looking to begin a tertiary education. The students are divided into groups and each staff member discusses the admissions process and answers questions relating to university commencement. Staff give the students their email contact details and encourage students to write to them with any questions concerning admission or
    commencement at a university.
  3. Parent Information Sessions - Parents are invited to attend a Q&A session around the admission process and enquire about tertiary education, including  fees, scholarships, program selection, accommodation, security, etc.

These sessions can be adapted to suit your school's requirements.

Register your school's interest in Friends on Campus here.