Systems and Projects

Systems and Projects provide support for all users of the NUSTAR system. The group also maintains all academic and financial configuration data, assists with DEEWR reporting and is involved with student information throughout their lifecycle at the University.

Requirement analysis of business issues that may be solved in NUSTAR are undertaken and the systems existing functionality is used wherever possible. Regular projects are undertaken with IT Services to implement software upgrades that are released by the product vendor.

Systems We Administer

Systems and Projects are responsible for the management, and maintenance of the following systems:

  • NUSTAR - is the University corporate Student Administration System and is the repository for personal and academic information relating to all current and past students.  It is the source of information for a large number of satellite systems across the university.
  • myHub – provides students with a personal view of their information in the Student Administration System as well as resources to support their studies at the University. Students use this system for admissions, enrolment, financial standing and personal detail maintenance. Demonstration videos have been created to assist students in navigating myHub.
  • Adverse Circumstances - provides students with the ability to notify course coordinators if an issue has affected their performance and assessment to such an extent that they wish to apply for consideration. This consideration can range from an extension of time for an assessment to the resitting of an exam. Normally requests can only be made in relation to assessment items worth more than 20% of the final result, however, the Course Coordinator can stiplulate in the Course Outline that students can apply using the online Adverse Circumstances for assessment items worth less than 20%. This application is also used by staff to assess these requests and record the decision reached. 
  • Course Tracking system (CTS) is used to facilitate the approval of courses and stores all relevant information about the unit of study.

The group is responsible for security in the following systems:

  • CATS (Credit Application Tracking System) - is available for staff members who work with student records. These include frontline staff members as well as Program Officers.

To gain access to this system, when a new staff member completes the NUSTAR Registration form, they indicate that they require access to CATS. This is set up with the NUSTAR security.

If staff members change positions and require access to CATS, they complete a NUSTAR Security Change Request form located on the web

  • Online Registration- When staff, either academic or administrative, require access to the Online Registration System, the School Executive Officer is required to send an email to with the staff member’s name, numberplate, school and type of access ie Course Coordinator or Administrative access.