Adverse Circumstances System

What is the Adverse Circumstances System?

The Adverse Circumstances System is used for students to notify their course coordinator that they have been affected by an issue which will affect their performance in an assessment item or examination that is worth 20% or more of the final result. The Course Outline will stipulate if the Adverse Circumstances system is to be used for items worth less than 20%.
The system requires students to submit their application on line. This online application facilitates students who are studying from other countries or those who are not in Australia for other reasons and can be submitted from any part of the world where there is internet access.

Who uses the Adverse Circumstances System?

An application for Adverse Circumstances is submitted online by the student and requires documentary evidence in support of the application. Once an application is submitted online and the relevant documentary evidence and coversheet presented to a Student Hub, the Course Coordinator makes a determination based on the application and associated documentation.

Students in all careers throughout the university can submit an application for Adverse Circumstances.

When do I need to use the system?

During your program of study, if you have been affected by illness or other serious circumstances beyond your control that may affect your preparation for, or performance in an assessment item or end of term/year examination, you can submit an application for Adverse Circumstances.

User guides and resources

Here are some documents of varying detail that will assist with using the system: