The University has upgraded its student information system. The system, known as NUSTAR, is where the formal record of your studies at the University is held and includes all your enrolment and personal contact details.

The new system means there will be changes to the way you use online services. We will be bringing several of the online services together in one spot. Known as myHub, it includes online enrolment, fees and charges, exam results, changing personal information and accepting offers. We hope to add other services to it in the future.

You can access myHub from the Online Service page on the University web site.

Here's a bit more information about the services available on myHub and a look at some of the screens you will see when you use the service.

Bringing services together

One of the great things about myHub is that it brings together a number of student services in one place - rather than having to step in and out of various applications. The entry screen looks like this and is an easy launching pad for the available services.

Online Enrolment

Students have been able to enrol online at the University for some years. MyHub changes the way this is done, but the end result is the same. Note an important difference in myHub is that you need to select courses for each semester separately. The Uni still asks you to enrol for the entire year at the time of re-enrolment each year (usually late November) so that we are able to plan suitable lecture theatres and other teaching spaces.

If you want to drop or add a course, myHub is the place to go. Here's a screenshot showing how you can drop a course.

Fees and Charges

Again, the Uni has been doing electronic fees and charges for some years - and myHub doesn't change the approach significantly. For tuition fees, HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and miscellaneous charges raised by Schools, there continue to be a number of payment channels including BPay, Australia Post, University Cashier or payment via the internet at ANZ eGate.

Exam Marks and Grades

MyHub is the way your final examination marks and grades will be delivered to you. Results are available for each semester you have been a student at the University.

Contact Details

This is one of the critical pieces of information that you are responsible for keeping up-to-date. It's important that we know where you are living and other contact information such as phones and emergency contact details. It's easy to change, so you can change it is often as your circumstances change.

Who can use myHub?

Most students of the University have access to myHub.