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Telephone and Voice Services

IT Services provides and manages a number of telephone and voice related services to the University of Newcastle.

This service includes the provision of a standard telephone handset, telephone line, telephone extension and voicemail box.

Telephone services are available to University users located at:

  • Callaghan campus
  • City precinct
  • Newbolds
  • Ourimbah campus
  • Sydney CBD 

The telephone system at the University of Newcastle is available for the use of staff and students at the discretion of individual Faculties and Divisions.

Calls directed outside the University require a "0" prefix to allow external access.

Staff and students at other locations should check with their local IT support staff regarding telephone arangements.

Callaghan Campus IP Telephone Upgrade

Telephone image model 6945




Model 6945

As part of the ongoing upgrade of the Universtiy's IT infrastructure, telephones on the Callaghan campus which are still on the Ericsson phone system, will be replaced with Cisco IP telephones. Existing Cisco telephones will not be affected.

Notifications of when your building is scheduled for the upgrade will be sent via email, and a quick reference user guide will be provided at the time of installation.

Voicemail accounts and passwords will remain the same.