Using your University mobile phone when travelling overseas

This document should be read in conjunction with The University of Newcastle Mobile Phone User Guide (Issued May 2010)(PDF).

Using a mobile phone when travelling overseas, while necessary, is expensive.
Understanding how charges are incurred and what options are available can help reduce the expense.

Before you travel
Activate International roaming
Make sure International Roaming is activated on your phone. 
Generally, this only needs to be activated the first time the phone is taken overseas.
HOW - Log a job with the 17triplezero IT Service Desk at least 7 working days before you intend to travel. IT Services will send a request to Telstra to enable the service
Check international roaming information for the country you are visiting
Telstra (the University’s carrier) has pricing agreements with carriers in many countries. Your device should automatically pick up the ‘partner’ carrier; however, it is worthwhile checking as most countries have multiple phone networks. If the handset doesn't find the correct network for you automatically, refer to your Mobile phone user guide for instructions.
HOW -  Check the links below. Call and data pricing for Telstra international roaming countries is also available from these links.
Mobile phone 
It is recommended that you download Telstra’s International Roaming User Guide (PDF) for a brief introduction to international roaming.
Visiting a University while overseas? Check if it is an international eduroam member
eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.
eduroam allows you to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions by using your laptop.
If you are visiting an eduroam member you can use the GroupWise web interface to access your email.
HOW - Visit for a list of international eduroam members.
Visit to find out how to setup eduroam on your laptop.
Convert the numbers in your mobile phone book to international format
By converting the phone numbers to international format, your phone book can recognise calls from them and display the name you have loaded in your phone book.
HOW - Simply add +61 to the beginning of the phone number without the leading ‘0’ of the STD number or mobile number. eg 0249215000 becomes +61249215000
Note: You incur charges to RECEIVE calls as well as making them when travelling overseas, so only take the calls you need to take.
Pack a copy of your mobile phone user guide
This may be helpful for changing settings you are not familiar with eg. turning off data services. Take it with you as a reference.
HOW - If you can’t find the user guide supplied with the phone, download a user guide or instruction manual from the manufacturer’s web site.
See links below:
Motorola Nokia
Sony Ericsson
Telstra – ZTE
Decide if you need to access the Internet from your mobile while you are overseas
International Data Roaming is extremely expensive in most countries and is disabled from University mobiles.
If you will need access to the Internet while you are overseas, IT Services can recommend a “Data Pack” based on your itinerary and frequency of use.  (Telstra offers “Data Packs” of a fixed data download quantities for a fixed cost which will be charged against your University mobile phone).
You should also consider other communication options, which may be less expensive.
HOW - Log a job with the 17triplezero IT Service Desk at least 7 working days before you intend to travel to discuss “Data Pack” options.


Alternative communication options
Use eduroam to access your email if you are visiting a member institution
eduroam allows you to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions by using your laptop.
Visit for a list of international eduroam members.
Use the GroupWise web interface to access your email.
Purchase a local pre-paid sim card
 If you expect to make a large number of local calls in a particular country, consider purchasing a local pre-paid sim card to save on costs. You could buy a cheap unlocked phone (either in Australia or overseas) for the pre-paid sim.
Use your phone’s built in Wi-Fi capability
If your phone has built in Wi-Fi capability you can use free Wi-Fi networks in hotels, cafes and other hotspots.
Use the in-hotel wireless internet connection
If extended Internet usage is required, investigate the cost of using the hotel Internet connection. The majority of hotels will offer either a fixed line or wireless Internet connection on either a fixed price on a daily rate, or as a complementary service. The Qantas Club and other International Airlines usually offer complementary wireless for member use while in their facilities.


Getting help
Call Telstra Assistance (+ 61 439 125 109)
Monday to Friday 7am-9pm and Saturday 8am-6pm (Australian EST)
Call Telstra Assistance if you are having problems with International Global Roaming on your phone outside Australia. Calls to this number from your mobile are 22.57 cents and are GST free. The same call made from a fixed international line would be subject to the international carrier’s call rates.
NOTE: Once overseas you are under the jurisdiction of that country’s telecommunications carrier, not Telstra.
Telstra is unable to provide assistance with using your handset. Refer to your handset user guide for instructions.
HOW - When you call you will be asked for your mobile number and the account password. Advise Telstra they must contact Brian McGregor on 0408 273703 for authorisation and password details.


For further information contact:
Converged Services Manager,
Communications Group,
IT Services,
The University of Newcastle,
Phone: +61 2 492 17095
Mobile: 0408273703