Carpooling Parking Bays - More reasons to carpool

Carpooling is a  great way to ease traffic congestion, save fuel costs and reduce vehicle emissions. Since 2011, the University has provided an online carpooling service to encourage carpooling and to make it easier for students and staff to form carpools. This service is hosted by myCarpools and allows students and staff to register a journey with the aim of sharing the trip as either a driver or a passenger.

Now there are even more reasons to carpool. The University has dedicated 39 carparking bays to carpooling for the 2013 academic year. Infrastructure and Services will issue carpooling permits for those bays.

How and where do I get a carpooling permit?

  • Register with myCarpools
  • Obtain a carpooling permit from Infrastructure and Services (Services Building) - Opening hours are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday

When can I get a carpooling permit?

  • Infrastructure and Services will issue up to 80 carpooling permits from 4 March 2013. As only 80 carpooling permits will be issued for Semester 1, you need to be quick.

What is the cost of a carpooling permit?

  • Carpooling permits will be issued free of charge. However, to use the carpooling bays a valid, paid parking permit must be displayed together with the carpooling permit.

What are the carpooling rules?

  • Only use carpooling bays if you are carpooling. Three persons per vehicle is the minimum number to be eligible for a carpooling bay
  • Display the carpooling permit together with a valid, paid parking permit when parking in a carpooling bay
  • Penalties may apply if traffic and parking rules are contravened
  • The carpooling permit may be withdrawn if these carpooling rules are breached
  • Carpooling permits are valid until 30 June 2013 if issued during Semester 1 and 31 December 2013 if issued during Semester 2.

Where are the carpooling bays located?

The 39 carpooling bays are located in the following carparks:

If you comply with the carpooling rules outlined above, you can park in any vacant carpooling bay.

How do I recognise carpooling bays?

What happens if I lose the carpooling permit?

  • You need to complete a Statutory Declaration and submit it to Infrastructure and Services
  • Infrastructure and Services will then replace the lost carpooling permits