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The team at Planning, Quality and Reporting read all your comments, and can assure you that your opinions are heard.  Summaries of the best aspects of each course and your suggestions for improvements will be sent to senior University staff so that your feedback leads to real improvements.

University Surveys

At the University of Newcastle we are committed to listening, understanding and responding to the voices of our students. 

Our surveys are designed to understand your thoughts, experiences and perceptions regarding various aspects of university life.  We use your feedback to regularly report to Faculties, Schools and other service providers so that a process of continuous improvement occurs across the University.

We are also committed, in various ways, to communicating your feedback.  This site provides you with access to reports and summaries of past surveys.

Student Feedback at the University of Newcastle provides further information about privacy, survey administration and other important matters. 

Remember, visit us regularly, we encourage you to discover what you and others have said.