The national census of

newly qualified graduates in Australia




Congratulations on graduating from the University of Newcastle, and welcome to your Alumni community.

The University of Newcastle is very pleased to acknowledge this important milestone in your life.

Depending on when you graduate, you will receive the AGS questionnaire either at the end of April or the end of October.  This questionnaire, which is sent from Graduate Careers Australia and the University of Newcastle, asks you about your experiences while studying here. It is a national survey that is sent to all students soon after they graduate from their program of study. It is a very important survey. We ask that you watch out for it.

It is important that you complete the AGS and return your completed survey as the instructions indicate.

Your responses are an important way to let the community know about the quality of your experiences at the University.

So, please:

  • watch for your copy of the survey, either by email or post 
  • answer all questions, and 
  • return the completed survey!

If you would like to know more, please email