Student Feedback on Courses (SFC) Semester 2, 2010

Comment Summary

Thank you to all those students who provided their valuable comments on the SFC for semester 2, 2010. 

All 31,282 comments have been read by us (the Student Feedback Team at Planning, Quality and Reporting) and have been analysed and compiled into reports.  These reports outline what you really liked about your courses, as well as those areas that you think need improvement.  They are now with the relevant Head of School so that they can understand what it is that they do well and also begin to develop appropriate actions to address the issues that you raised.

Your Feedback

Some of the things you liked about some of your courses:

  • Teachers who are knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic about teaching
  • Teachers who are approachable and supportive
  • Courses that are well organised and clearly outlined
  • Assessments that are linked to learning outcomes
  • Constructive and timely feedback on assessments
  • Assessments that are sensibly structured and clearly explained
  • Content that can easily be applied to your career
  • Rapport amongst peers in class motivates you to aim high and work hard
  • The use of teaching technologies, such as Lectopia

Your suggestions for improvement in some courses included:

  • Teaching staff need to be both knowledgeable about the subject matter and effective teachers
  • Delivery of lectures should extend beyond reading off the PowerPoint slides
  • Not all teachers are organised and well prepared
  • Responsiveness to emails and other requestsfor advice is variable
  • Making lecture notes available online
  • Increasing the use of teaching technologies, such as Lectopia
  • Increasing organisation and coordination of practicum, labs and field trips
  • Weighting of some assessments is not commensurate to workload and assessment guidelines should be more clear about what students are required to do.

Some of the things we are doing to address your suggestions:

  • A university-wide focus on implementing best practice learning and teaching
  • A university-wide focus on the student experience via working parties and funded projects to address key concerns raised by students
  • An increased focus on embedding teaching technologies into all courses
  • A review is underway of all course outlines to ensure they are user friendly
  • All programs will now have Blackboard sites.